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Investing Differently Because We’re Built Differently

Plexus Capital focuses on investments and partnerships with lower middle market businesses

We’re a multi-generational team with decades of experience.

Always active and focused on supporting our partnerships with resources to grow

Deal information presented is being shown to provide the most recent examples of investments as of 09/30/2023. See link for a complete list of portfolio companies.

“They believed in us and they kept investing in us… That means everything. That tells you everything you need to know about them as partners and the trust that we've been able to build….”

Jason Faucett, Managing Partner/Transition Capital Partners

"…they know what to look for. They know the questions to ask when we talk about things like value creation plan and really thinking strategically about what will fit in your business, what will be additive versus what might be a distraction."

Rich Aukland, CEO/Allegiance Group

"…In 2019, I walked into the Plexus Capital office. I met with Alex Bean and Michael Painter. We spent one hour, before we even got into the deal… spent one hour of just talking about cultural fit and how important people are.”

Mick Janness, CEO/Oakpoint

"Flight school was amazing [Plexus Leadership Institute]! ....I know for a fact, that this 4 day training is going to be one of those pivotable moments in my career that shaped the trajectory of my leadership differently."

Norma Avalos, Chief of Staff/YardNique

"Thank you for the opportunity for the professional development [Plexus Leadership Institute] was a transformative experience."

Wade Heath, Field Support Manager/Alloy Cladding Company

Capital raised figure is fund size across SBIC and Private Funds including leverage as of 01/01/2024

Quotes above were provided by portfolio company principals about their experience with Plexus Capital, LLC (“Plexus”) and individuals were not compensated for sharing opinions and experience. However, the business relationship with Plexus Capital creates a conflict of interest as the individuals are also investors with Plexus and their comments may not be representative of any other person’s experience with the firm. Opinions herein expressed are for informational purposes only, are subject to change without notice, and do not contain certain material information about any fund managed by Plexus.