Why Plexus

Our History


It is important to know exactly how your financial partner operates – in good times and bad.  History is always the best guide.


Plexus Capital Business Paradigm

Our history began in 1993 at Centura Bank.  Two Plexus founders held leadership roles at the regional bank (which  was later sold to RBC Bank) – Kel Landis was President and Bob Anders led the capital markets group. 


The two saw a need for growth capital for the bank’s clients that went beyond what the bank could provide under traditional senior loans.  As a result, Bob led an effort to establish one of the first bank owned Small Business Investment Companies, Centura Capital.


Centura Capital opened its doors in 1995 and Michael Becker, Robert Gefaell and Michael Painter all subsequently joined Bob and Kel at the bank – marking the foundation of the Plexus Capital team.  And in 2004, with the full support of our bank colleagues, the formation of Plexus Capital began.


Since 1995, our team has partnered with more than 50 companies and management teams, establishing a track record of trust and collaboration.  We are patient investors with the experience it takes to succeed – and we’ve got the history to prove it.

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